DC Diamondopolous

Billy Luck

"Billy Luck" was published by Professor Punk Reaves' literary site Defenestrationism. It won first place in their 2016 short story contest.

Selected Works

Fiction Short Story
"Taps" is the story of a fourteen-year-old boy, whose older brother is mentally ill and the dread the younger brother feels when his parents and dog go missing.
"The Bell Tower" is the story of an African American teen in Montgomery Alabama who climbs the belltower of her church to commit suicide becasue she's gay.
Damian's life is about to change when he falls in love with a woman he sees at a dance club. But the woman's life is in for an even bigger change.
"Boots" is the story of a female Iraqi war vet who returns home with PTSD and her chance meeting with a homelss man who unravels her beliefs about herself and her country.
A woman is terrified by a man who comes into her store. Is her fear of him for real? Or, is it all in her head?
Politicians from opposite parties run into each other at a medicinal marijauna dispensary in the Castro District in San Fransisco, but that's just the first surprise.
"Billy Luck" is the story of an eighty-five year-old ex-carny and his close friend, a midget named Daisy. Daily has asked Billy to come see her, as she is dying and wants to say good-bye. He thinks it has something to do with that night sixty years ago, a secret neither has ever talked about.
Safe Harbor is a science fiction story about a young woman in search of her true identity. After her mother's passing, she returns to Catalina Island to the place where she first met her father and half-sister Jemjasee. It is there, on the island, that she discovers so much about herself and her family.
1946 is based on a true story. It's the story of a young married couple on their first trip to the South and the horrors they encounter there. It is flash fiction.
1968 is the story of a teenage boy who climbs out his bedroom window, steals his dad's car and goes to his first gay bar. It is flash fiction.
When two sisters hunt for their missing little sister in post-apocalyptic times, the search takes them to the fated, Crow Barn. Shock, terror and a stunning revelation opens the door to choose courage over fear.
"1945" is the story of two generations of women and how WW ll created the feminist revolution.
"1957" is gay noir, pulp fiction, and a campy romp with a message and a wallop of an ending.
Off the Wheel - Poem
When bad news Charlie sees an oblong craft zigzag across the sky and cartwheel over the flatlands of Bakersfield, he runs to the crash and discovers he’s hit the jackpot.
“Slapstick Blues” is the story of a beautiful black actress who is forced to leave her home in Baton Rouge and makes the decision to pass for white in 1920s Hollywood.

Crow Barn

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