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Life with Angie

A stand-up comedian must decide the fate of her homeless schizophrenic sister.


A Korean woman and an African American woman are trapped inside a dry cleaning store at the outbreak of the Los Angeles riots.


Scott celebrates his 19th birthday at the Whisky a Go Go with his draft notice for the Vietnam War stuck in his pocket. Stumbling drunk and stoned outside the Whiskey, the decision to please his father or to trust his own instincts becomes clear as he draws his fate.


An English music hall performer aboard the Titanic has an ironclad alibi for escaping death.

Rock Star at La Scala

When an aging rock legend turns to magic and illusion to revive her career fame takes her to a most unexpected place. 


Young Tom comes of age when he and his father, along with thousands of others march on Washington to demand their bonus pay for fighting in the WWl. 


 A drag queen living with AIDS spends his fianal days with his lesbian nurse who takes him to his last Pride Parade.


Dawn's love of Paul gets the better of her when she goes to see the Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl. "1964" is a coming of age snapshot during one of the most exciting times in the 20th Century.

The Haunting of Piedras Blancas

The Haunting of Piedras Blancas is a mash up of Sci/Fi, Fantasy, and Goth. It's a story of lost love between a ghost and an alien.

Blonde Noir

When a youtube video of a B-movie blonde bombshell from the 1950s goes viral, 85 year-old Kit Covington agrees to fire back at all her critics on national TV. Kit not only has a ME TOO moment, but her interviewer finds out something that will wipe the video off the networks. 


"1929" is the story of a man who lost his fortune in the stock market crash and with it his dignity. He stands atop the Savings and Exchange Bank Building in downtown Los Angeles reflecting on his life. 


"1920" is the story of a young Irish immigrant who puts her life on the line for the right to vote.

Slapstick Blues

"Slapstick Blues" is the story of a beautiful black actress who is forced to leave her home in Baton Rouge and makes the decision to pass for white in 1920s Hollywood. 


When bad news Charlie sees an oblong craft zigzag across the sky and cartwheel over the flatlands of Bakersfield, he runs to the crash and discovers he's hit the jackpot. 

Off the Wheel - Poem

"Off the Wheel was first published by The Penwood Review in Spring 2017


"1957" is gay noir, pulp fiction, and a campy romp with a message and a wallop of an ending. 


"1945" is the story of two generations of women and how WWII shaped their lives.

Crow barn

When two sisters hunt for their missing little sister in post-apocalyptic times, the search takes them to the fated, Crow Barn. Shock, terror, and a stunning revelation opens the door to choose courage over fear. 


When a newly wed couple take their first trip to the South, they never would have dreamed that going to the movies would turn into a nightmare. 


Johnny climbs out his bedroom window and steals his dad's car to go to his first gay bar. Fasten your seatbelts. Johnny's in for a bumpy ride.

Safe Harbor

"Safe Harbor" is a story about a young woman's journey to find her true identity after her mother dies. It's also a story about love, Mother Earth, and living without fear.

Billy Luck

"Billy Luck" is the story of an eighty-five-year old ex-carny and his close relationship with a midget, named Daisy. Billy travels from Tampa to Miami to see his dying friend, thinking she wants to talk about the night that changed his life. Instead, what happens is something he never could have imagined.

The Creep Factor

A woman is terrified by a man who frequents her store. Is her fear of him for real? Or, is it all in her head?

Leave of Grass: An Apothecary

Polititions from opposite parties run into each other at a medicianl marijauna dispensary in San Fransisco's Castro District.


A veteran encounters her past on the streets of Skid Row.

Club Lost and Found

Damian's life is about to change when he falls in love with a woman he sees at a dance club. But the woman's life is in for an even bigger change.


A fourteen-year-old boy fears his mentally-ill brother has something to do with his missing parents and dog. 

The Bell Tower

A preacher chooses love over prejudice to save a young gay girl from taking her life on the bell tower of his church.